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QUEEN of Voron 2.4 250mm³, My Build log


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Hi, all

I have purchased most of my parts for my Voron 2.4 Build.  I have PIF parts in hand.

I have bought "sub-kits" from different Vendors on the Voron discord channel and then bought the parts that were missing directly from the vendors that the Voron 2.4 BOM recommended.

I probably now have enough parts to build two Voron 2.4 3D printers.

I wanted a great ABS printer, so I decided to build a 250mm³ build because I did not want to worry about heating up the additional air space if I went with the 300mm³ build.  But I also wanted to use the Bigtreetech Octopus Pro board that runs at 48V for the motors.

I want my Voron 2.4 to be the BEST 3D printer I own and I am putting only quality parts into her.

So I finally decided to sit down and figure out the power requirements for my Voron.  You can find my discussion on the power requirements located on my GitHub page :  https://github.com/GadgetAngel/Voron2.4_My_Build_Log#how-i-calculated-the-power-requirements-for-my-voron-24-build

I then sat down to do a wiring diagram for my Voron. So I decided to work on the wiring harness diagram. While doing this I discovered that the Octopus Pro needed a better PIN Diagram.

Here is the PIN diagram I did for the Octopus Pro (I worked with Bigtreetech on this).  My PIN diagram for the Octopus Pro can be found at  https://github.com/GadgetAngel/Voron2.4_My_Build_Log#the-pdf-file-of-the-color-pin-diagram-for-the-octopus-pro-v10

After spending two weeks on the Color PIN Diagram. I finally started the work on the wiring harness diagram.  I am using a mod (tool head board) and found that information was lacking on the wiring of this type. You can find my wiring harness diagram at https://github.com/GadgetAngel/Voron2.4_My_Build_Log#wiring_harness_diagram-for-queen

After doing the wiring harness diagram, I am now working on adding the electronics case wiring diagram.  But I came across another issue.  All the four power supplies I want to use will not fit into the bottom electronic compartment for a 250mm³ Voron!

So to get enough space for all my electronics and the 4 PSU, I needed to design my own mod.  I am calling this mod the "Litter Box".  It is where you put all your good "shit"!. 

This "Litter Box" is designed to be added to any Voron 2.4 build. 

It will not require you to buy replacement parts.  You will need to buy additional parts. 

I wanted something that would not require me to purchase a new rear panel.  I know about the DOOM mod and that places the "non AC" electronic case on the top of the printer. My "Litter Box" places the "non AC electronics" on the back of the printer. This way the wiring harness does not need to change.  Instead of the wiring from the Z chain going to the bottom it will go up the back of the printer (same distance as going underneath the heated bed).

I have been through more than 5 revisions of the "Litter Box" mod.  I am using Fusion 360 to model the "Litter Box".  

This litter box will sit on top of the Voron’s rear panel ( I am designing for rear panel widths of 3mm, 4mm and 6mm). You will not be able to use the standard Voron exhaust filter with this mod. I plan on using the nevermore filter system. 

I am trying to design a mounting system for the mod that uses two DIN rails that are hung on that back but are also used to keep the rear panel attached to the machine. I found the Voron 1.8 electronics case and started this mod based on the work done by the Voron Design Team. 

Instead of using the feet from the Voron 1.8 case I decided to mirror the support brackets to use as the bottom brackets in the Litter box. 

Another requirement I want for this mod is that it is hidden from view when looking at the front of the Voron 2.4.  I do not want to take away from the beautiful design of the Voron 2.4.

To accomplish this requirement I had to move the side panels so they would be in line with the vertical extrusions.  This mean offsetting the support brackets to be between the two back vertical extrusions.  

Another requirement I wanted was that the two side panels for the litter box would not require any holes be cut out.  So I designed the brackets to be a solid block so that no additional holes would need to be cut and it give the DIN mount a solid support.

Here is a picture of the design so far:


Back without panel.png


Bottom without panel.png






Wide-right side view without panels.png

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yeah, I just finished the design yesterday.  I also just heard about the Mandala Rose Works's "Matched Height Kinematic Kit" and will be adding a mock up of this kit to my 3D model.


If anyone is interested in the Litter Box Mod check out the video links.  These video show a rotating 3D model in Fusion 360.  


        First look Video: https://youtu.be/x5X1lYImGgg;
        Second Look Video: https://youtu.be/KOevvhMHMqQ


I am currently working on updating my Github repo for my Build log that describes all the MODS that I have included in my Voron 2.4 3D model of my Queen Build.  


BTW, my 3D model only contains parametric bodies of all 3D printed parts for all the mods I plan on for my Voron 2.4 250mm³ build.


The next things I will be working on is:

1. Create A BOM spreadsheet for how I purchased the parts for my Queen printer.

2. Create a Function Electronic Case wiring Diagram

3. Use the 3D model and take snap shots to be use in a "Real-world" wiring diagram for all the electronic to my Queen Build

4. Publish my 3D CAD model of Queen on my Github repo

5. Start to Build QUEEN.

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The "Litter Box" Mod is just the mod on the back of the printer.  The other mods are just my choice when building my Voron 2.4.


Well RussianCatFood (RCF) started the Voron project.  It is a kind'a  of a tribute to him.  Since my mod is a box, I decided to call it a "Litter Box"  (eye wink). A place where you store all your important electronics that need to stay dry!!  LOL

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Here is a current list of all the MODs for my QUEEN build: 



    A.    Hartk1213's "Voron Afterburner Toolhead Board v3.rabbit" (https://github.com/hartk1213/Voron-Hardware/tree/hartk1213/Voron-Hardware/Afterburner_Toolhead_PCB). Buy one at https://deepfriedhero.in/products/voron-afterburner-toolhead-board-v3-rabbit?_pos=1&_psq=v3.&_ss=e&_v=1.0
            i. Wiring Diagram for Voron Afterburner Toolhead Board v3.rabbit" Tool head board: https://github.com/hartk1213/Voron-Hardware/blob/hartk1213/Voron-Hardware/Afterburner_Toolhead_PCB/Images/Wiring/ERCF-Toolhead SKR 1_4 wiring.png

    Other MODS I am using for my build(Z belts 9mm; XY belts 6mm):
    B.    Arkeet's "MGN12 Mod": https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/arkeet/mgn12
    C.    Hartk1213's "PINS Mod": https://github.com/hartk1213/MISC/tree/main/Voron Mods/Voron 2/2.4/Voron2.4_Pins_Mod
    D.     Ramalama2's "Misumi_RBPB5 Mod": https://github.com/Ramalama2/Voron-2-Mods/tree/main/Misumi_RBPB5 Note: this replaces the GE5C Mod;
    E.    0ndsk4's "NeverMore Micro Filter Mod": https://github.com/0ndsk4/VoronUsers/tree/0ndsk4/printer_mods/0ndsk4/Nevermore_Air_Filter/Nevermore_Micro  
    F.  I combined two mods into one, "Z Drive Motor Tensioner Mod" was combined from the following sources:
            a. Z Motor A/B Unit combined from Edwardyeeks' "V2.4_z_drive_motor_tensioner_mod": https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/edwardyeeks/V2.4_z_drive_motor_tensioner_mod with my modification for the front Skirts for switches and Hour counter;
            b. Z Motor A/B  Motor Unit combined from Spaghetti-Bolognese's "Z Driver System Mods" : https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/Spaghetti-Bolognese/Z_drive_motor_mount;
    G.     Jlas1's "Klicky Probe Mod": https://github.com/jlas1/Klicky-Probe and information about the Klicky Probe mod from  Ramalama2's "KlickyShare GitHub repo" at https://github.com/Ramalama2/Voron-2-Mods/tree/main/KlickyShare;
            I also used the following user mods for the "Klicky Probe Mod":
                a.    StefanRaatz's "Klicky Probe with additional holes mod" : https://github.com/jlas1/Klicky-Probe/tree/main/Usermods/StefanRaatz;
                b.    bluedragonx's "BlueDragonX's Klicky Mods" : https://github.com/jlas1/Klicky-Probe/tree/main/Usermods/bluedragonx;
                c.     Oc_geek's "More Robust Klicky Probe mod" : https://github.com/jlas1/Klicky-Probe/tree/main/Usermods/oc_geek;
                d.  I combined StefanRaatz's "Klicky Probe with additional holes mod" and Oc_geek's "More Robust Klicky Probe mod" for my version of "More Robust Klicky Probe mod".
    H.  Whoppingpochard's "Ti Backers Mod": https://github.com/tanaes/whopping_Voron_mods/tree/main/extrusion_backers; Y backers 30mm from front; X backer 35mm from the Y axis drag chain;
    I.     Ramalama2's "Front_Idlers mod" : - these are replacement for "OTHER-V2-Idlers Mod"; these are better Front Idlers in my opinion: https://github.com/Ramalama2/Voron-2-Mods/tree/main/Front_Idlers;
            a.    The Phalanx's "Other-V2-Idlers mod" can be found at : https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/a425971f2986578e2e5c10e638f59d02172687c1/printer_mods/Phalanx/Other-V2-Idlers;
    J.    Badnoob's "AB-BN30 Afterburner mod": https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/blob/master/printer_mods/Badnoob/AB-BN/Readme.md;
    K.    Hartk1213's "Sexbolt Z-Endstop Mod": https://github.com/hartk1213/MISC/tree/main/Voron Mods/Voron 2/2.4/Voron2.4_SexBolt_ZEndstop;
    L.    Cover for Toolhead, I created my own (in this repository) - from Hartk1213's "ERCF covers" at https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-Hardware/tree/master/Afterburner_Toolhead_PCB/STLs/Clockwork/Covers; I placed vents on the ERCF cover for ABBN30.
    M.    Whoppingpochard's "Z_Drive_Belt_Exit_Covers Mod" : https://github.com/tanaes/whopping_Voron_mods/tree/main/Z_belt_cable_cover;
    N.    Edwardyeeks' "Decontaminator_Purge_Bucket_&_Nozzle_Scrubber Mod": https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/edwardyeeks/Decontaminator_Purge_Bucket_%26_Nozzle_Scrubber);
    O.    Hernsl's "Bottom_panel_mag_clip Mod" : https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/hernsl/bottom_panel_mag_clip;
    P.    Wile-e1's "Deck_Panel_Support_Clips Mod" : https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/wile-e1/Deck_Panel_Support_Clip;
    Q.    Tayto-chip's "Skirt_switch_mod", with my modifications: original mod located at https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/tayto-chip/skirt_switch_mod                     
    R.    Leandromarceddu's "PowerSkirt Mod", with my Modifications: original mod located at https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/leandromarceddu/PowerSkirt
    S.    StvPtrsn's "Side_Fan_Support_No_Tape Mod" : https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/StvPtrsn/Side_Fan_Support_No_Tape;
    T.    MarcPot's "Skirt_Mod_250 Mod": https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/MarcPot/Skirt_Mods/250                         
    U.  "BTT-PITFT5-Mount Mod" from the following sources: Alanho's "BTT_PITFT50_v2_Mount Mod" , Smaseface's "BTT-PITFT5-Mount-for-Voron-v2.4 mod" and Revnull's "Articulating arm" from his "rpi_7in_display_mount mod": 
        a. Alanho's "BTT_PITFT50_v2_Mount Mod" : https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/alanho/BTT_PITFT50_v2_Mount
        b. Smaseface's "BTT-PITFT5-Mount mod" : https://github.com/smaseface/BTT-PITFT5-Mount-for-Voron-v2.4;
        c. Revnull's "Articulating arm" from his "rpi_7in_display_mount mod": https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/revnull/rpi_7in_display_mount;
        d. driftology's "Fysetc Paneldue 7i V3 Voron 2 Adapter on Thingiverse.com" : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4571677;
    V.    Randell's "Microswitch_Endstop POD": https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/randell/Microswitch_Endstop;
    W.     Ramalama2's "Misumi_Cable_Clip mod" : https://github.com/Ramalama2/Voron-2-Mods/tree/main/Misumi_Cable_Clip;
    X.     Ramalama2's "AB_Plug_Microfit mod": https://github.com/Ramalama2/Voron-2-Mods; or https://github.com/Ramalama2/Voron-2-Mods/tree/main/AB_Plug_JST-XH
    Y.     Ramalama2's "Panel_Clips" : (use 6mm version when you print out the clips!!! - 3mm panel and 3mm of foam tape): https://github.com/Ramalama2/Voron-2-Mods/tree/main/Panel_Clips;
    Z.     Richardjm's "ADXL345 Mount Mod" : (https://github.com/richardjm/VoronUsers/tree/richardjm/adxl-chain/printer_mods/richardjm/adxl-chain; https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/padok/chain_anchor-ADXL345_mount)
    AA. Eddie's "LED_Bar_Clip mod" : https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/eddie/LED_Bar_Clip;
    AB. Hartk1213's  "AB Spinner (Voron2.4_Spinner) mod" : (https://discord.com/channels/460117602945990666/828406858271162378/875463215721644032) or (https://github.com/hartk1213/MISC/tree/main/Voron%20Mods/Voron%202/2.4/Voron2.4_Spinner)
    AC. 42bios' "corner_panel_clip_cable mod" : https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/42bios/corner_panel_clip_cable;
    AD. OV1A's "WAGO+221+DIN+rail+holder mod" : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4972435;
    AE. The0bone's "Voron 2.4 China Chain Guide mod" on Prusaprinters.org : https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/69683-voron-24-china-chain-guide?fbclid=IwAR1xfiLFqM1xiLLYC27wswsilp6afWQkuD313DK3K7LC2ITIk452Heg-T0U
    AF. For handling the thermal expansion I added the Mandala Rose Works's "Matched Height Kinematic Kit" (https://www.mandalaroseworks.com/shop/voron/matched-height-kinematic-kit) along with "Voron 250 Standard Bed" (https://www.mandalaroseworks.com/shop/voron/voron-250-standard-bed)
    AF. GadgetAngel's "Litter Box mod" : located here in my GitHub Repo


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