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Voron 0.2 Released & Livestream Recording

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Voron Design just announced the official release of the Voron 0.2 3D printer. This compact and portable machine has a 120x120x120 build volume and utilizes a CoreXY design. It features a low mass direct drive extruder and an enclosed chamber, as well as a 24v DC bed and Klipper firmware.

One of the major highlights of the Voron 0.2 is the new Mini Stealth Burner toolhead, which supports the Revo VORON, Dragon, Dragonfly BMO, DropEffect XG, and Creality Spider Pro. The drive units have also been updated with a reduction in motor screw count and the removal of the endstop for sensorless homing.

In terms of the frame, there have been no changes from the previous version. However, the tophat has undergone some significant updates, including an extrusion-based design with hinged panels and cam locks to secure it in place. All panels are 3mm thick and the side panels are now identical.

The X/Y joints have also been modified, with the tops becoming 1mm smaller to accommodate the Mini Stealth Burner and the endstop block removed for sensorless homing. The bed assembly has undergone some changes as well, with the printed parts being updated and the bed position moved 3mm to the rear.

Finally, the feet/skirts have been updated with the inclusion of the Trident skirt community mod, and the front idlers now have cam locks added.

If you are upgrading from the V0.1 version, be sure to check out the configurator on the Voron Design website for a list of necessary parts.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved Voron 0.2 3D printer!

You can find a replay of the livestream here: 

You can download the file from the Official GitHub Voron Zero repo, or here ate TeamFDM:



  • Compact and portable
  • 120x120x120 build volume
  • CoreXY
  • Low mass direct drive extruder
  • Enclosed chamber
  • 24v DC bed
  • Klipper firmware

Release History
V0.2 (2023 January)
A majority of the printed parts have changed. The configurator will give you an idea of parts needed if you are upgrading from V0.1.


  • New design: Mini Stealth Burner
  • Direct Drive Extruder with BMG gears and 20mm thick pancake motor with 10 tooth spur gear
  • Improved part cooling ducts (fans are same as V0.1)
  • Supports Revo VORON, Dragon, Dragonfly BMO, DropEffect XG, Creality Spider Pro

Drive units

  • Motor screw count reduction
  • Endstop removed for sensorless homing


  • No changes


  • All panels have changed
  • All side panels are identical
  • Extrusion based Tophat
  • Hinged design
  • Cam locks to secure tophat in place


  • All Panels are 3mm
  • Deck panel changed, new panel is not required
  • Split rear panel

X/Y Joints

  • Tops became 1mm smaller to accommodate MiniSB
  • Endstop block removed for sensorless homing

Bed Assembly

  • Printed parts changed, bed position moved 3mm to the rear


  • Trident skirt community mod folded into offical release

Front Idlers

  • Cam Locks added



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Am I missing something or there is no info regarding the display on V0.2 ?? I mean settings, wire connections...


Currently I'm using SKR mini E3 v2.0 and looking for displays found this one


and this one


For me it looks like MINI12864 isn't compatible with SKR mini E3 v2.0 OR maybe with a special adapter?? Like this one:


I would like very much to try a display on my V.0 but I don't know exactly how to proceed...

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30 minutes ago, eugen360 said:

For me it looks like MINI12864 isn't compatible with SKR mini E3 v2.0 OR maybe with a special adapter??

I was able to get a Mini 12864 connected to the Mini E3 v2.0 by hacking the ribbon cables and crimping my own adapter.



I followed this guide to figure out the connections. You also need to adjust between the BTT and Fysetc 12864 displays because the EXP1&2 keyed connectors are rotated opposite depending on which brand you buy.

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