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Voron 2.4r2 Printed Parts List

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Since I'm about to build my first voron I needed a list of the parts to print and with the countless customization possibilities I must say that at first I found myself a bit lost.

I found a list, worked on by @Demosth @Dajo @Buurman, that helped me a lot... but sadly it wasn't updated to 2.4r2. I decided to modify the file for my needs, then since it seemed useful I decided to publish it, also implementing new features.

This is the list of changes compared to the previous file:

1.00		01 Dec 2022		
-	Updated pieces to 2.4r2			
-   options tab: added drop down list with eSUN ABS+ color			
-	options tab: drop down lists have been revised and updated with the common choices present in the official release			
-	options tab: added choice between Afterburner and Stealthburner, you can also choose Stealthburner with CW1 extruder			
-	options tab: added a second drop down list column that allows you to immediately apply some common mods			
-	options tab: common mods that do not alter the original pieces have been added via checkboxes			
-	options tab: the configuration code has been revised, given the greater amount of possible customizations, now are used letters in sequence from A to P. The letter Z is reserved for the checkboxes			
-	check list: added a button that directly applies the filter, deactivating unnecessary pieces in the chosen configuration. You can still use manual filter refresh			
-	check list: the color of pieces is automatically updated with those chosen in Option tab			
-	check list: update of parts codes			
-	checklist: possibility to deactivate the cosmetic parts			
-	checklist: updated manual pages			
-	checklist: updated bag number			
-	Extras & Mods: the new tab for all the pieces out of the official release			
-	Extras & Mods: the page column indicates the point in the manual where the piece is used to replace the original one. Where SB__ is indicated, reference is made to the StealthBurner manual			


This is the file, let me know if you find it useful and if you find any errors




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