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Clockwork2 Drivegear axle

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Hello together!

hmm, interesting thing happened to me last night, i started an 8 hour print and went to bed, in the morning I had to see a failure nearly at the end of print.. grrrrr, no filament was fed to the hotend, lots of meters fila lost for a simple failure:

The axle of the drivegear counterwheel (the one with the bearings inside) went out of the guidler sideways, so no grip and no feeding....

Did this happen to anyone else here?

To avoid this I've modified both guidlers with a small stop so the axle can't move out anymore. I also changed to a bondtech-gearset as the one delivered with the formbot kit is.... how to say.... not the yellow from the egg, Bondtech looks much more better in regards of fila grip.

cheers, Wick

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