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Xyz Steps.



Ok so im at a loss.

Was following a guide on YouTube  and I made it to the end, or to where I was about to configure klicky. And I noticed my machine measures distance severely distorted. 

If I go to the front left corner and hit home. Itll make it  264 mm 

If from a homed position manual clicking 100 etc to a max of (alleged)350, the machine only makes it 174mm. I've looked over everything to do with:

Rotation Distance: 40

Microsteps 32

And steps per rotation 200 

Using standard motors that come with LDO.

Tried the calculator from prusa and they just give me these values. 

This isn't a few mm its a lot.  There's 80 mm just over 3 inch difference between auto home and using the manual buttons.

Belts are tight. 

All the min max stuff is all what it's supposed to be. 

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These are indeed the defaults for NEma17 motors LDO or Moons.. (and many others) 

Whats the run_current, just making sure its not losing steps, but I expect not.

After that, I would switch steppers (not the motors but the drivers) maybe with a Z motor, just to see if it makes a difference.

Is it constant? or if you do the same thing 3 times, its exactly the same?

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The config looks right for a NEMA17 1.8deg motor. A thought occurs to me: what pulleys are on it? If those don't match the spec I think that might mess things up. Like having a 16 or 25 tooth where it's expecting a 20 tooth.

BTW, welcome to the forum. Think about posting in the Introductions board to...introduce yourself.

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