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Fly XY 1 endstop not opening



Hey guys,

My voron has been working fine for a while but 2 days ago, the X endstop got stuck on and i can't get it to go off.

The Y is working fine.

The potentiometer makes no difference on X, works on Y.

I have removed all hardware around it, since i thought maybe something got magnetized. No change.




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4 hours ago, claudermilk said:

Is the switch still good? Do you have another one to try in place of the current one?

BTW, welcome to the forum, I invite you to head over to the Introductions forum and...introduce yourself.

I assume it's not good, did not find any others who have had one break, which is surprising as I don't print nearly as much as some others.

I do have the old school limit switches which I could use. Just thought maybe there would be a easy fix.

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On 10/15/2022 at 8:38 AM, claudermilk said:

Swapping out a new switch I think would fall under the easy fix category. 😉

Swapping out a sensor that broke in a few hundred hours with an identical switch would fall into the absurd category. time for oldschool limit switches.

Thanks for the help.

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