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Hello from france


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I am Cedric, I am in 3D printing since 5 years now
started with a vertex K8400 who turn into a frankenvertex, Kept the plexi frame and lift system (Z  axis) and rebuilt X&Y axis as an Hbot, E3d v6 as hot end and orbiter as extruder

run with marlin 2.1.1 on a SKR 1.4 turbo

works well until now

I want to change to something more rigid and bigger later, voron 2.4 but 500x500x500 size.

I had the chance to find 2nd a voron0.1 (formbot kit) assembled  when I assembled it to rebuild it with better component (rail cpc preloaded, threadlock everywhere, kirigami bed...).

the idea is to learn from before the big baby

I use the printer only for hobby stuffs

Have a good journey, have fun




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Bienvenu,Cedric! Good to have you on board. There are plenty of people who have been on a similar Voron journey as yourself so you will find plenty of help and inspiration.

Since you are building experience with the V0.1 before your monster 2.4 build I would suggest running a build diary (for both 😉) as it is a great way to share with the reset of the community to get their help, advice and just generally share experience.

The 500^3 build will be interesting, I don't think (my colleagues will correct me) that we have had a 500^3 v2.4 documented on the forum before so that will be brilliant. 

You have definitely come to the best forum, so enjoy!

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Salut Cédric et bienvenu à bord.

I built an oversized voron 2.4; you can find the diary here: 350x350x730 V2.4

I chose to only stretch the Z axis for a few reasons, the main one being that sourcing some of the parts in larger sizes was too complicated and expensive like the build plate, heating pad and PEI print bed.

As for rigidity, I built an enclosure made of 6mm glass that's permanently bonded with VHB tape. At 500mm ^3 you will also need to take measures for resonance mitigation.

Looking forward to seeing your builds.

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