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Build plate wiring.



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Here's a a diagram hopefully gives you the gist:




The SSR will be polarity senstive, so the +ve (postitive) and -ve (negative) pins will need to be connected to the corresponding + and - connectors on the SKR 1.3 board, for the heated bed. Basically when the SSR detects a power signal on the "input" side (when you turn on the heat-bed) the relay will close the circuit on the mains (output) side thereby  completing the "live" circuit. The Neutral wire is just connected straight from the heated bed through to the neutral connection on the mains. Should point out the heated bed does care about "polarity" do it does not care which of the power-lines are connected to (mains) neutral or (mains) live. As ever, please be careful with mains-electrics 🙂


IMPORTANT - apologies just noticed in my diagram above. For the Mains wiring Neutral is BLUE and Live is BROWN

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