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Printing nylon...


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Bringing this back up. I have a spool of Polymaker CoPA (it's supposed to be a blend of 6 & 6.6). It's giving me fits.

I have the tuning done, PA & EM done, and current retraction & temps are ok. The Voron cube looks ok, though the overhangs suck. Temps are 260 nozzle,70 bed, no fan.

What I am running into is constant clogging. My Stealthburner with Revo never clogs. Until now. I can get one print out of the Nylon, then clog city! I literally have to cool things down, pull the nozzle and drill out the hardened plastic in there. Then I can get the last bit to extrude and make another print.

So my two questions:

First and most importantly: how to stop this constant clogging? Second: is there a way to improve the overhangs?

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Hey claudermilk...

Interesting, I printed a bunch of stuff out of that same material and had no issues. Surface finish is excellent (pay no attention to the crappy pic I posted, parts look really good in person) and no issue with clogging.

So maybe your clogging issue is temp related, I ran parts at 250c with a 50c bed and 20% fan. I followed the polymaker recommendations and added the fan and stayed near the low end of the range. Print speed was around 100mm/s (superslicer). I'm running SB with CW1 and a Dragon HF with Diamondback .4mm nozzle. I do get quite a lot of stringing, but not so much that I can't get rid of it with the torch.

Nylon Parts.jpg

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Thanks, I'll give those settings a try. I'd read that nylon really doesn't like fans--but then lots say the same for ABS and I run 35% based on infor from the Discord. I also use Superslicer and tend to leave the speeds about the default 100mm/sec give or take.

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