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Led Strip Lighting Wiring to Octopus



So I want to install 2 or 3 led strips along the top frame extrusions before I put the panels on and finally call it a day on my V2.4 x 300 build.

I have some led strip left over, white 5000K 12 volt that I want to use up and at least test it out to see how it looks.

My intention is too run the leads of each strip to a common negative and postive wago, then from the respective wagos just have a single postive and negative wire coming together into a spare fan header on my Octopus 1.1 board, switching the voltage on that particular header to 12 volt.

My question would be is this an accepatable method of wiring the led strips without causing some other issue?


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Just plain LEDs or NeoPixel? On my Trident I did NeoPixels, but your plan sounds reasonable.

For my setup, I daisy-chained the strips together & ran the jumper wires across the channel on the back of the top front extrusion, then one run down the back left extrusion. Fort my NeoPixels I used the BLTouch port.

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I used standard 2 wire white LEDs, printed some supports to angle the extrusions that contain the LEDs so that they are directed towards the center of the build plate.

I ran each set of wires down the back of the frame, through the vertical cable chain access hole into a set of Wagos, from the respective Wagos I just had to run a common plug into one of my spare fan header on the octopus.

Works fine, plenty of light for my needs. LEDs turn on as soon as power in switched on. I have yet to tinker around to see how or if I can control them further. I just wanted to get these installed and working before I put I put the outside panels on.



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