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Independent Facebook group for Voron 3D printers

Tim Long

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I recently created a group on Facebook to serve as an alternative to the Voron COREXY 3D Printer group. Some people feel that the aforementioned group is too much of a "walled garden" and controlled by people who are too closely linked to the Voron Devs and that this leads unpopular moderation decisions. Others are fine with it, but I think there is room for an independently run group.

When I created the group I made some poor choices in how it was set up. After some discussion and a vote, we decided to delete that group and start again. The new group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/voron3dprinter. The group is run by me (hopefully with some help later if it gets to a significant size). I have nothing to do with Voron except that I built one of the printers. The group explicitly allows criticism of the Voron design and the developers, the group admins and expressions of opinion that are against the popular narrative. We have a very "hands off" approach to moderation and will rely on members reporting problem posts to trigger automated moderation actions.

Please join us, we'd love to have you on board.

Tim Long - proud Voron owner and group admin

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