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Only One Z Motor Moving



Hey y’all! Over the course of the last month, I’ve been trying to get a Voron 2.4 to run on Marlin (long story but I wasn’t allowed to connect the raspberry pi to internet because I’m on a college campus). I got the printer to turn on running Marlin 2.0.9. Everything seems to be running great, except for the z-axis. When I move the z-axis in settings, only one of the four z-motors moves. I’m using a BTT Octopus V1.1 board, which has an individual port for each stepper. In the config file I created, i specified that there are four z-motors, but the printer is only recognizing one. I was thinking the current was too much (so it only had enough power to run one?) so I tried cutting the power sent to each motor in half (800mA to 500mA). Didn’t work. Any Voron experts have any idea why the printer won’t send a signal to all four motors? I can send the config file if needed. Thanks!

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