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weird ringing issues after changing to cartographer probe



I've had some weird issues after changing from a tap to a cartographer probe. The main reason why i did the change was of thermal drifts. for every change in temperature i needed to change the z-offset for the tap. I just couldn't resolve that issue. That's al gone now, but it somehow introduced another problem. After the change i got a lot of ringing on my parts, but only on the x-axis. see the picture below. I've changed my MGN12 rail for one from fabreeko (high preload, it was quite stiff), because the one from the kit had some play side to side, so my toolhead was rocking. altough it improved my x shaper (quite dramatically i might add) it did not resolve my other issue.



I've tried multiple different shapers using the klippain tool and checked the belt tension. It did show some problems, but nothing to serious i think. But nothing helped. I've also tried different speeds, but the pattern is the same, only less noticeable. The pattern distance is almost exactly 2mm, could it be some problem with the toothed idlers? I don't know were to look for the rest.


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Thanks, I narrowed it down to the the Toothed idler of the A belt. But the main reason is that the bearing is loose and able to tilt. Tolerance on the bolt and the pulley bearing. Thought as much, but now it's confirmed. Guess the Tap module somehow canceled that motion with it being a bit loose.

More reason to switch to the pin mod.

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