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Hello guys, i have 4040 profiles with me and i always wanted to build a voron, after so much discussion, and so many people telling me, that it would be feasible, possible or to hard, i just decided to do this whole project on fusion 360, before going to the real life project, and i finally finished, at first i thought it would be just changing 2 files, because i was just changing the frame, how wrong was i, i had to change a total of 10 files, and their mirrors counter parts, i had to change the way of the rail would connect into the frame, and i changed the z rail from mgn9 to mgn12.

while my dream would be a 500mm^3 printer, my first one will be a 350x350x350, with the gantry with 2020.

everything else should be equal as a normal voron.

the whole project is parametric, that means that you can download the file and change the build volume to 700x700x700 or 250x250x250.

before i start doing this crazy build i would like to ask the community, anyone, to look into the files, and ideas, i had on this project, and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Github page:


voron tower.png

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Update: on the project file, i updated the build volume that was not quite right, and split into build_volume and build_offset, build volume will reflect exactly what is the size of the build volume, if you want the nozzle to be able to go outside bed for any reason whatsoever you should add build_offset, as standard it's an extra of 50 mm on X, 47 on y, and 20 on Z. also fixed several joints that were troublesome, and updated all door and panel clips, as i was not happy with then , i didn't delete the old files i just moved into the deprecated file, also made a video with an joint analysis, it's not perfect as i was lazy to just fix a few joints limits, but it's possible to be sure that the limits are correct.
also made a pdf file, or picture to help people understand the most common parameters.

i will add a buy list, later on, probably after finishing my buy list 😛





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update: 15 of april of 2024, a few more joints fixed, this fix are about the size of the gantry profiles, as they do have some work around on then i put up to 6 mm more or less. but you should not change more than 3 mm. if you do want to change change on gantry_x_front, gantry_x_back or gantry_y also changed the sizes of gantry and overral so all gantrys were on good sizes to be cut, on older one you would find sizes like 572 mm or 673, now i changed so it has easy to cut sizes ending in 0 or 5, ie. 570,475 and so on. also changed build_x_offset to 47 mm, build_y_offset to 50 mm and build_z_offset to 24 mm, also i will add my first buy list on a 350x350 mm build.

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