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Newbie member from Italy


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Hi all,

I am following the Voron project since about a couple of month and I finally decided to build/print mine, the objective is 350x350x400.

I already ordered the aluminuim frame 20x20 and in few days I'll also order the linear rails.

In the meantime I am looking around trying to gather everything useful to avoid any possible mistake, by the way the manual seems very detailed.

My actual 3D printer is a CR10v3 with Hemera which is going to print soon all the parts for my Voron 2.4.



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2 hours ago, RobyOne said:

the objective is 350x350x400

Hi @RobyOne. Welcome to TeamFDM !

My build is also an elongated "Z" build with 350x350x730 check it out here: https://www.teamfdm.com/forums/topic/188-simon24s-voron-saga/


By just adding 70mm you should be able to keep the original design in terms of resonance management. I added 400mm so I had to go to extremes to keep that issue in check...

I invite you to keep a record of your build in the build diary section. It seems like you are self-sourcing your build too: that's always super interesting to learn about. Where and how to get the stuff locally and the experience with the different vendors.

Anyway looking forward to reading you.

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Hi Simon,

you have very tall build, I'll have a look for sure to your printer.

I'll start to post about my build as soon as I'll have the main frame in my hands, then keep it up to date at every step. It will be a kind of log book about my project, I like the idea 😃

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2 hours ago, Demosth said:

Welcome to the community @RobyOne - I think its neat that Voron allow easy ways to change the build dimensions. 

Can I ask why you choose 400mm specifically for the hight? I am always curious on what people are printing!

Thank you Demosth, about the hight nothing special is only to have some printing volume available and being not far from the original size I guess it shouldn't cause any issue.

Actually I have a CR10v3 (300x300x400) and I feel comfortable with those dimension, up to now I could print everything I needed.


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