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Voron V2.4


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This is my initial commit for my upcoming LDO V2.4 Kit build. I waited until the R2 parts were released before printing, and since the release this week, I've begun printing all the things needed to start the build. I haven't received the LDO kit yet but will be prepared when it arrives sometime in March. The LDO frame will be Green. The primary parts color is Sparta3D Purple Sparkle ABS+ and the secondary parts color will be Sparta3D Cloud Gray Sparkle ABS+. The plan is to use the new Revo 6 in this build.





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Good enough reason. I've mentioned a few times in a few places my plan is to take my current Revo Micro and shift it to my Mini+ once the Voron Edition starts shipping--I'll order one and swap it into the Trident.

From the little I've read and looking over the E3D docs it looks like the Revo Micro swap into the Mini is dead simple.

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I'll probably do the same. That Voron Micro will be in high demand for sure. Just hoping it releases soon. 

Learned from Nero's stream that the LDO kits will probably be delayed into April anyway. I know they're working hard to ship kits, but even the mighty LDO gets effected by shipping delays.

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