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Required Parts for Minimal Working V2.4 Build

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I have seen this question come up frequently, What is the minimum sets of parts I can print to get a working V2.4?  Based off of what is provided in the PIF program here is a list of those parts. This list is the same list of parts you typically get from the Print it Forward program and will be the minimum required to get a working machine. You can then use your new V2.4 to finish printing the parts for the cosmetics and re-print any parts you could get great results on your current printer!

Just like the standard print details...

  • [a] at the beginning of the file indicates to print this in an accent color
  • x4 at the end indicates how many pieces you need to print.

This is current as of 7-27-2021.

  1. duet_duex_bracket_x2.stl - This is specific to the mainboard you are using.
  2. lrs_psu_bracket_clip.stl
  3. pcb_din_clip_x3.stl
  4. raspberrypi_bracket.stl
  5. rs25_psu_bracket_clip.stl
  6. plug_panel_filtered_mains.stl
  7. [a]_z_belt_clip_lower_x4.stl
  8. [a]_endstop_pod_hall_effect.stl
  9. [a]_endstop_pod_microswitch.stl
  10. [a]_xy_joint_cable_bridge_generic.stl
  11. [a]_xy_joint_cable_bridge_igus.stl
  12. xy_joint_left_lower.stl
  13. xy_joint_left_upper.stl
  14. xy_joint_right_lower.stl
  15. xy_joint_right_upper.stl
  16. z_joint_lower_x4.stl
  17. z_joint_upper_hall_effect.stl
  18. z_joint_upper_x4.stl
  19. bowen_retainer.stl
  20. spool_holder.stl
  21. rail_installation_guide_center_x2.stl - Technically NOT needed, but make your life easier!
  22. [a]_belt_tensioner_a_x2.stl
  23. [a]_belt_tensioner_b_x2.stl
  24. [a]_stopgap_80T_hubbed_gear.stl
  25. [a]_z_drive_baseplate_a_x2.stl
  26. [a]_z_drive_baseplate_b_x2.stl
  27. z_drive_main_a_x2.stl
  28. z_drive_main_b_x2.stl
  29. z_drive_retainer_a_x2.stl
  30. z_drive_retainer_b_x2.stl
  31. z_motor_mount_a_x2.stl
  32. z_motor_mount_b_x2.stl
  33. nozzle_probe.stl
  34. [a]_z_tensioner_x4_6mm.stl
  35. [a]_z_tensioner_x4_9mm.stl
  36. z_tensioner_bracket_a_x2.stl
  37. z_tensioner_bracket_b_x2.stl
  38. [a]_z_belt_clip_upper_x4.stl
  39. [a]_cable_cover.stl
  40. [a]_z_chain_retainer_bracket_x2.stl
  41. a_drive_frame_lower.stl
  42. a_drive_frame_upper.stl
  43. b_drive_frame_lower.stl
  44. b_drive_frame_upper.stl
  45. [a]_tensioner_left.stl
  46. [a]_tensioner_right.stl
  47. front_idler_left_lower.stl
  48. front_idler_left_upper.stl
  49. front_idler_right_lower.st;l
  50. front_idler_right_upper.stl
  51. [a]_belt_clamp_x2.stl
  52. [a]_blower_housing_front.stl
  53. blower_housing_rear.stl
  54. hotend_fan_mount.stl
  55. probe_retainer_bracket.stl
  56. x_carriage_frame_left.stl
  57. x_carriage_frame_right.stl
  58. x_carriage_pivot_block.stl
  59. [a]_connector_cover.stl
  60. [a]_guidler.stl
  61. [a]_latch.stl
  62. chain_anchor_generic.stl
  63. chain_anchor_igus.stl
  64. extruder_body.stl
  65. extruder_motor_plate.stl
  66. latch_shuttle.stl
  67. printhead_front_e3dv6.stl - This is specific to your hot-end.
  68. printhead_rear_e3dv6.stl - This is specific to your hot-end.

I also did another post here which provides links to a Google Doc Checklist that will allow you to check these off as you print them

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