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Voron 2.4 350x350 Tips/Issues I ran Into


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Tighten All Screws (especially Linear Rails, and X gantry, after de-racking).

Don't forget to tighten ALL of the screws in the Linear rails.  Leaving a little lose while racking is great way to ensure no binding. but don't forget to tighten each and every one before printing.

Z-Probe failing with out of tolerance constantly during QGL

Make sure your Z-Belts are snug and equally tightened.  Once I went tighter than I initially thought I should, and continued to slowly tune each one.  My tolerance error issue basically went away.

Motor Current

Follow latest guides, and don't use hold_current.  I had to set my LDO High temp extruder motor to 0.6 (rated for 1A) to stop clicking when printing/extruding at or above 5mm/s, worked up to 10mm/s with my dragon HF and 0.4mm nozzle.

Hall effect End Stops

Are a huge pain to setup! 🙂 i will be changing for switches once I get my PCB... why... Polarity of magnets must be set right, which was a pain.  Then you have to play with the sensitivity control on the pcb to get it just right so that it does not trigger too late, or too early.  Even then, I had it set and working and randomly one of them stopped sensing and I had to tune it again.

Z-Height, Squish!

Keep going🙂 if using the textured sheet, make it squish a lot.  why, if you follow the tuning guide, and lower the Extrusion Multiplier, you need to have a good squish or you may run into adhesion issues.

once you find your z-offset, save it via `Z_OFFSET_APPLY_ENDSTOP` followed by `SAVE_CONFIG`

I'll try to update as I remember more things I did/found out.


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