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Hello from the Columbia River Gorge, in the NW USA


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To be completely honest, I have been slamming FDM for years 🤣 I have a background in composites and always considered 3D printers to make crumbly, non-structural junk. Maybe it was just the people I encountered through the years who never understood the difference. Then a coworker ordered a Prusa and started making tools... drill jigs, cut jugs, and assembly jigs for carbon parts. My eyes were suddenly opened to the possibilities. Fiber reinforced Nylon was possible? PVA washout parts? Consider me humbled. I had been thinking about this all wrong...

I did my research and decided I didn't want to be chasing my tail with inherent shortcomings of COTS machines. I jumped right in and started building a 350mm Voron 2 about two years ago. I thought the 40 hr build estimate was inflated, but in the end I put 60+ just in mechanical assembly! What a machine though. It's just so awesome! I never "registered" it. I never joined a single forum. I just got to putting it to work.

Here we are, and I just performed my first partial teardown for maintenance and additional fine-tuning, and am now considering building a second 350mm with an extended 500mm Z. I found this forum when looking for interesting mods and ideas. It's such a fantastic machine, but I have some ideas for the next design...

Can't wait to see what I pick up from ya'll

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49 minutes ago, wing_borne said:

a second 350mm with an extended 500mm Z

My printer is a 350mm 2.4 with the Z extended to 730 mm -> I used 800mm rails instead of the original 400mm. The main drawback of doing that is that is the frame is way too weak so to mitigate that, I built the enclosure of 6mm glass bonded to the frame with VHB tape.



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