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Esoterical CAN BUS guide - now a website


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Esoterical has an extensive and quite complete github repository which is actually a fool proof manual to setting up CAN BUS on our VORON printers, with common hardware.

I have also seen this person being very active on the voron #can-and-usb_toolhead_boards channel. Like a missionary helping anyone install CAN on their Vorons 😄

I have used this manual, and it is just 'read-copy-paste and you have a can-bus on your voron" manual. It seems since yesterday he has a shiny-searchable website, which is even friendlier for anyone who wants to look at it: https://canbus.esoterical.online/

So I thought I share it here.

I think we need to have a list of how-to-do websites for voron users: Esoterical, Ellis... 

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That's a nice setup guide, somebody has put in a lot of effort - thank you to all those involved. Anything that demystifies this is a bonus.

There's at least one step that I've ever done (but still have a working setup) namely  - systemd-networkd (netplan). I'll have a look into it but won't implement it - if it ain't broke don't fix it.

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Indeed. If it works, it doesn't need fixing. Esoterical starts with setting up a can network for Linux.

What I like about the guide, is, you can use it like a 'manual for the case'.

If you setup a new board, it walks you through certain steps.

If you updated klipper ( see recent frustration about can adxl update and the formation of the anti-canners group ) there is another walk through. 

As I said 'fool proof' with even a 'debugging guide'.

And if you can handle the stream of text on discord, you can ask him personally.

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8 minutes ago, Nurgelrot said:

OR you could run RRF and CAN is just there. --Just sayin' 🙂

What is an RRF?

I did not see it on the vorondesign documentation site 

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33 minutes ago, Nurgelrot said:

RepRapFirmware. https://docs.duet3d.com/User_manual/RepRapFirmware and https://teamgloomy.github.io/ Been around a while... but all you here about is Klipper...


Not all of us is as experienced in the printing world as you are.
I do remember the days when it was normal that every computer user knew how to program GW-BASIC and some basic Assembler (1986). Because it was simply included standard in the OS - DOS. And there were a hand full of people that owned a computer. And computers costed more than a month salary of our parents.

Now a 3 year old kid knows how to open Microsft Word in windows. Start up a game on an android phone. At schools they do not use pen and papers anymore, just computers. 
Even though the apps they use are still ultimately converted to the assembler code I had learned in 1986, these kids have no idea what assembler code is.

I think you should see 3D printing world like that. I bought a printer last year for my son, an artillery sidewinder x2, because he had a project at school... The X2 could print out of the box, without a problem. Only half the project print, it had troubles with the nozzle. And of course dad had to look at it.

A year and 2 months later, and I have already built a voron, been converting the artillery to a switchwire, and have a formbot 0.2 kit ready to be assembled. 

So you have to see me like the 3 year old who already knows how to start up microsoft word, before learning how to read and write... and maybe I do not need to know assembler to program myself a nice app in a web-interface. 

And there are more like me, than more like you 🙂

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Oh sorry, I didn't mean to imply anything. I was just commenting that it seem online all you see/hear is Klipper. When in fact there are a number of firmware out there. I believe Voron actually started on RRF but most of the main team moved to klipper pretty early on for various reasons.

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Don't worry. I am not insulted / offende easily.

I of course have heared of the ultimate open domain printers firmware. but as I said in the previous message, we do not know it. 

But it is good to know there is the option of RRF. And it has built in CAN, is only good, I think. If it comes in my way, I will sure look at it 🙂

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