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Are Dual Gear Extruders Flawed?


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I was reviewing 3d printer videos on youtube and ran across this really informative video by MihaiDesigns. 

He specifically looks to identify the root cause and possible fixes for a "Wood Grain" type pattern exhibited on Dual Gear extruders, which from my understand is something that could be an issue with the Voron Afterburner design.  Long story short, with some measurements, mathematics, and ruling out other issues MihaiDesigns was able to identify the root of the problem, and it led him to play or slop in the Dual Gear extruder design.

Example "Wood Grain" pattern...

Has anyone experienced this issue with their Voron? If it is indeed a possibility, any ideas or existing Voron UserMods on how this could be modified to reduce the play in the dual extrusion gears without limiting the torque provided by the afterburner design?


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