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Hi all!

I've been printing for...uh...a bit, but I discovered the Voron community around August 2020, and decided that it was a good fit for what I wanted to become my 'workhorse' printer. Over the course of 2021 I started buying parts and printing pieces on my Delta, and on August 18 2021 I had a fully functional V1.8! (though quite a ways away from a serial, I'm still working towards that and cleaning up massively). That being said, Trident was announced on August 15 2021, so mine will probably be one of the last V1.8 serials, but oh well, it prints great! (plus my upgrade budget to Trident is going to have to happen another year lol)

I'd love to eventually either get a V0 or help someone else build one, but for now I'm just improving, tuning, and generally enjoying my V1.8. ABS and PLA turn out beautifully, PETG looks meh (but I think it's more the filament I'm using) though I still have some upgrades that are in progress/staged. I've also been CADing up mods as I've need them, it's very much not a stock machine, though generally not in a good way (making do with what I have, most of the time haha).

I stream FreeCAD from time to time, mostly for printer mods and upgrades, sometimes other parts. I also have a Thangs page for when I make anything remotely useful and feel like publishing it (both are also happylittlepcbs), also on twitter @commonmodechonk (if I'm streaming I'll usually say something about it there)

Posting from Philadelphia area, really looking forward to going back to ERRF this year!


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