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BTT Manta M8P with CM4 connected to BTT Pi TFT50 V2.1 display



I am attempting to change from a 12864 display to a BTT Pi TFT50 V2.1 display.  When I connect the display up to the M8P Manta's DSI port on the back of the card, the CM4 will not boot.  If I disconnect the ribbon cable, all seems to be working fine again.  I also have a BTT Pi TFT43 display and it does the same thing. So, that means to me the problem is how I am hooking up the cable, something on the Manta, or maybe a missing jumper?

I am connecting the cable with the copper pins away from the board on both the Manta and the screen.  I would love some help or direction on how to resolve this problem. 



Screen Connection.jpg

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Got it.  I didn't want to take a change to burn something up by reversing the ribbon cable.  After digging out the schematics for everything, I figured out the ribbon cable exposed copped needs to go towards the board on the BTT Pi TFT.  Problem fixed.  I a little surprised something didn't get damaged.

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