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Hello for North East Melbourne


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I've just started a Voron 2.4 r2 journey that is already not without issues 😅

I've been printing for a few years now. Starting with a self assembled AnyCubic Kossel and then I got a lucky deal on an UpBox+ and now it is time to replace both so naturally a Voron is the next phase.

I also like to work with Arduino and ESP32s. 

Looking forward to the build. However part way through printing my parts, the upbox had a significant part break so if anyone knows a local who does partial parts kits I would like to get the remaining parts asap. 


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Hi all.

Thanks for the warm welcome. Really appreciated.

@WINEDS@mvdveer Thanks for the offers. I am hoping I can fix my upbox and resume printing parts before I get to needing them, just waiting on parts to arrive at the moment. If I get stuck though I might take one or both of you up on the offer. At the moment I am printing in black with neon-magenta polymaker for the accents. 

I've ordered the magicphoenix 2.4 r2 CBT kit so I need to workout which parts I don't need to figure out my list of parts I still need to print.
Though I am pretty sure they have a spreadsheet that lists it all.

Anyways, would either of you like to be the offical lubricant advice for my rails etc.. 😄 I've read so many posts about it and gone round in circles a few times. I did buy a can of WD40 White lithium but it's a mess to use so that's not looking likely to make the cut at this stage.



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The best and only way is to soak them in an alcohol bath and then lubricate them with super lube or the likes.

Here is a worthwhile video to watch:

I use the super lube grease and inject that into the carriage with a syringe and a 18 gauge blunt needle.


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