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Spider 3.0 Help



Hello all, 

I want to ask on the discord but not sure what channel to ask on. I am trying to attach chamber lights using the Siboor kit with the following configuration. 5V is plugged into an unused end stop to get power and then a separate plug for data. Not going to be super efficent on some of the macro's but it's a work in progress and haven't reached it final form 😉

Any help is appreciated and I ordered these strips for chamber lights in my 2.4. 

macros.cfg printer.cfg sensorless.cfg

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I don't get what your exact question is, but here is a few answers:

- Spider 3.0 is a Fysetc board, so you can ask on the voron discord, channel Fysetc  or on voron_electronics I guess. I asked there and got instant answers. Fysetc you have to wait until a rep from fysetc wakes up (China time) answers or someone else. You can also go to the fysetc discord (in the channel pin there is an invite).

I do not have a siboor kit, but a fysetc. It came with a spider 2.3, but I short circuited that while upgrading the optotap sensor (5v / 24v) and received a 3.0 board.

There is a dedicated pin on the Fysetc to use for the LEDs. Actually 2, but most use this one on the right upper side of the board.

Siboor has their git for their 2.4 kit here and the schematics for the fysetc spider 2.3 for the stealthburner over here:

On this schematic you see the drawings - CT / LED. the pin marked CT is 5v. and the pin marked LED is the data pin. The third one, not marked, is ground.

I do not see an updated to spider 3.0 board over here on this github. But if you go over to the github of Fysetc, you will find the fysetc spider 3.0 board pinout here.

The same pins on the 2.4, are also here on the same location, but instead of a vertical orientation, it is now horizontal. Here you see outlined right to the pins, GND(black), DATA PD3(green), 5V(red).

This is the location you need to connect your led to.


Now, what you write about 'unused data pin, and 5v' has to do with the updating from a version 2.4 afterburner to a stealthburner, where the afterburner kit from fysetc/siboor did not have leds. 

If you have all cables to your stealthburner/afterburner hooked up, this means that if you want to have a stealthburner and leds on your stealthburner, you will need to add an extra cable that runs from the spider all the way to the stealthburner for the DATA. and you will need to use another cable (CT) for 5V, as shown here in the siiboor documentation.

But hooking up your chamber lights to the spider, is straight forward. 3 cables to the 3 pins. You will need to make / crimp a new connector here I think, unless the amazon neopixel includes it. And combine the two (x3) lines coming from the neopixels into one connector to the MCU.

If you also want to use the stealthburner leds and change with status changes, you need to know something about 'daisy chaining' and use the stealtburner_leds.cfg that comes with stealthburner;in your klipper. In the voron documentation you will also see that in fysetc spider 1.1, 1.2, 2.2 the same data (PD3 was used).

Try not to short anything. and let us know how it goes 🙂




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