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Voron 2.4 Nozzle Camera suddenly runs slow


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On my Voron 2.4 running a Pi4 is installed the Nozzle Camera, which works great when it works and gives really good closeups of the filament being extruded. It usually will run about 50 fps for a while but then it will suddenly slow down to about 2-3 fps. The only way to correct the problem is to reboot the printer, which I can't do in the middle of a print. Has anyone else seen this problem and/or know of a solution?

Thanks, Tim

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Are you running crowsnest? If so restarting it may help and can be done during a print. Mailsail has the option in the Power button menu. 

I would make sure it isn't your browser though. I have seem browsers have issues the longer they display the camera. 

Also how much memory on the Pi4? If it's 1MB that may be part of the issue. Opening a command prompt on the Pi and running "top" during a print will tell you if the memory or CPU are being maxed. 

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Originally is was set to MJPEG adaptive. But that seemed to fail quite often so I switched it to MJPEG streamer, which works better. The other factor is, at the time, I had an additional web camera connected. Interestingly, the Nozzle Cam would run at about 50 fps while the web cam would run at about 15fps. So this morning, I disconnected the web cam and rebooted the printer and now the Nozzle Cam has been running for two hours at about 12 fps without fail. Could the second camera be the problem connected to the Pi4?

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Honestly, no idea.
But switching from default MJPEG adaptive to MJPEG streamer solved the low fps problem with the Pi Cam v2 / Pi 4 4GB. Did you read this thread :



(at this time, still didn't experiment with, but interested in a nozzle cam for the 2.4 I'm building)


[EDIT] the probleme was : everything fine at first, then slowing down.

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