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Most likely part to fail?



I love a spare parts box and also recently disassembled my only other printer (ender3) for a pultrusion project, so I now only have 1 printer.

What printed parts/s do you think are most likely to fail on a 2.4, I would like to keep one on hand as I potentially won't be able to just print a new one?

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On 12/13/2023 at 6:15 AM, YaaJ said:

Still building my 2.4, but been using a Stealthburner for a little while.

The X carriage tends to soften/melt :


For the 0.2, I printed a complete set of functional parts.

Adding a reflective barrier such as aluminum tape to the underside of the X carriage will decrease the effect the radiant heat has on bottom of the X carriage assembly. Just a single layer directly on the underside and wrapped around the front, slightly shy of the lower heat inserts. The aluminum tape will no effect the Omron probe for those using it. As a matter of fact I also cover the front and  sides of the Omron probe with the tape to reflect some of the heat.

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