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Initial setup of ERCF - # of gates and Encoder Issues


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I have everything printed and wired, and am at the beginning of the process of setting up / configuring Happy-Hare 2.0



Issue #1

In mainsail (which is fully updated), when I run MMU_CALIBRATE_SELECTOR it says the following:

You configued your MMU for 6 gates but I counted 5! Please update `mmu_num_gates`
Maximum selector movement is 116.5mm
Measuring the full selector length...
Searching for end of selector... (up to 148.4mm)
Measuring the selector position for gate #0...
Auto calibrating the selector. Excuse the whizz, bang, buzz, clicks...


I have the following in mmu_parameters.cfg
mmu_vendor: ERCF            # MMU family
mmu_version: 2.0            # MMU hardware version number (add mod suffix documented above)
mmu_num_gates: 6             # Number of selector gates


Issue #2

When I run mmu_encoder, it always says

Encoder position: 0.0
Clog/Runout detection: Automatic (Detection length: 15.0)
Trigger headroom: 20.0 (Minimum observed: 15.0)
Flowrate: 0 %

What troubleshooting steps do I need to do? 

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