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Hello all. I have a voron 2 with standard afterburner tool head. Things have been running along well but recently had a problem that made it so I have had to disassemble the whole tool head and potentially reprint a few pieces to fix things. I can do this since I have a second printer, but I have been meaning to put some upgrades on the voron. I would like to install the following upgrades and am wondering what the best order would be. I have on hand, a stealthburner tool head with LEDs, I have the materials to install the TAP system, and I have the SB2040 tool head PCB that I want to hook up with CANBUS. Ideally I would like to have them all installed, but don’t want to potentially get in over my head. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to proceed or helpful resources/guides on the installation? I have the manuals for TAP and the stealthburner but the 2040 doesn’t have anything great I have found. Thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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3 hours ago, claudermilk said:

THen if you really want to do it to yourself tackle CAN

Ha ha ha - still not keen @claudermilk?

I think it would be easier doing the install of the SB2040 on the toolhead at the time of rebuilding it, if you really plan on installing one.

Also keep in mind that this can eliminate the cable chain on the X and Y axis, but DOES NOT have to.  I you do, you will need an umbilical mod. (Lots of options on Printables/Thangs). And you will have to remove a whole bunch of wiring, change X- and Y - Endstop postions and be prepared to crimp some tiny JST connectors.

But @Wardad5, Canbus can be frustrating. However, I still would recommend doing it at the time of rebuilding the toolhead if you are going to install it

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