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BOM for stealthburner or afterburner

Big H



I'm in the process of building a self sourced 2.4 R2 with stealthburner

The BOM states NEMA17 Motor 17HS19-2004S x6 and

NEMA17 Motor 17HS08-1004S x1

I don't think this is for stealthburner

Because it requires a pancake motor

So does this mean that BOM is outdated and for voron build with an afterburner? 

If so what other bom parts that are for afterburner besides the motor

For example some fans?? 

And why is it for afterburner and they have removed it from the manual

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Stealthburner is technically the front part, Clockwork2 is the back part though most of use Stealthburner to encompass the whole things. Anyway, yes, the NEMA17 sounds like a Clockwork1 BOM. CW2 uses a NEMA14 pancake. Stealthburner also uses a 5015 blower fan, 2 M3x50 screws, and a couple of NeoPixels that Afterburner/CW1 do not use.

Github: https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-Stealthburner

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