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VZBot 330 AWD

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I wanted to re-visit this thread and give an update on the VzBot.

I upgraded the camera. I had installed a Waveshare OV5640 camera and it was ok but, wasn't good enough for my liking so I ordered one of Luke's Laboratory's cameras. The Waveshare was a slender strip format PCB with a standard 5 MP camera where the Luke's Lab Cam is a square Ardu-cam style PCB. I downloaded the standard case and mount for it and it fit nicely where the other camera was. The camera output is miles better and has IR LED's and a sensor that swaps to night vision mode when the lights are low.

Luke's Lab Camera with normal lighting (screen grab from Klipperoid on my phone)


Night Vision (all lights turned off in the room). Pretty impressive IMO.



I also ordered a Nozzle ADXL345 from Provok3D. Below are the results.

On the left is no input shaper. Print is Overture cream Blue PLA @205c - 65c and ~150 mm/s on outside surfaces. Right side is the same print with input shaping turned on.


Below is a 3rd print I did where I increased the global speed from 100% to 150% with no visible difference in output (far right part).


I then changed filament to some Polymaker CF PLA and found something to print that I figured might be a good test to see if I got any ringing. No ringing but I did get a little line at certain points along the Z axis. It looks like it's function of the slicer at that particular junction. Regardless, I still need to tweak some more, or more accurately... I'll be tweaking forever as per usual, 😄, but for now... I'm really liking the output of the Vzbot. One thing I didn't mention is... I was using a .6 Diamondback nozzle before and have since switched over to a .4mm Diamondback. All prints were with the .4mm nozzle and 205c print temp. I also created both PLA and ABS/ASA pre-heat presets where, for PLA, it sets the nozzle to 150c and the bed to 65c. When I hit print... the printer immediately springs to life homing all axis' and performing a 15x15 full bed mesh @ 500 mm/s using the Beacon probe. All this in under 30 seconds. Getting the nozzle to temp and printing takes another ~30 seconds. So, 1 minute from click to print. I am definitely not complaining about that one bit.


If you're wondering about the cable bundle in the back corner... It's from the LL cam. The previous camera cable was too short to make it out of the rear panel, so I used and extension cable. I bundled the cable temporarily so didn't have to access the rear and re-route to the pi. When I attached the ADXL345 to the nozzle... It turned out that, all I needed to do was disconnect the camera and plug in the ADXL. So, for now... I'm leaving it. I'll probably shorten it later on.


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On 9/29/2023 at 10:52 AM, Penatr8tor said:

I already agreed to help them with their documentation

Good! I was on discord earlier because of lack of clarity. That is glaring problem for most printers it seems. I get it though, we used to go back and comment after the fact 😉 Well, not really, but we had good intentions.

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And that Z-banding looks suspiciously similar to the OD of a pulley...not saying it is, but if you were to take the circ of one of them, I bet it would be pretty close to the same.

Check for a flat spot, or a loose grub screw somewhere.

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