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How to update mainsailOS after Raspian Linux 12 (bookworm) update ?



Hi everyone,

I updated to Raspbian Linux 12 (Bookworm) because Crowsnest became incompatible with Linux 10 (buster). It seems that I've gone too far because now Klipper is unreachable. Again, I didn't respect the rule "if it work, don't touch it".

Everything is up to date, except the distribution mainsailOS which seems to stay stuck to V0.6.1 (buster). On Github, the last version of MainsailOS seems to be v1.2.1




My questions :

1. Is there a way to directly update MainsailOS from the SSH connection or I have to flash the Raspberry ? (and I don't want to remove it from the printer).

2. Is there a way to switch to the test/bookworm branch of mainsailOS ? Is it even desirable ?


I hope this manipulations will make klipper accessible again.

Thank you for your help.

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Well it seems that MainsailOS is not ready for Raspbian 12 (Bookworm).


I reflashed the Raspberry with the Raspbian 11 (Bullseye) version of MainsailOS. I installed manually every plugin to ensure their compatibility. And everything seems to work fine. Even crownsest which seems to have difficulties with the older version of Rasbian 10 (Buster) works better now.

If it can help someone.

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