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Hi everyone,

I have been working on this project for quite a long time now. About 6 months - 1 year and it is finally ready to be published.

This is the main site:
3D Printer Color Configurator (3dprinter-color-configurator.com)

This is the site for voron printers:
Voron Color Configurator (3dprinter-color-configurator.com)

I have developed a site/tool where you can create, visualize and configure how you want your Voron color theme to look like.
Users can now create everything from the default color groups (primary and accent color + chain and frame) to a very unique looking build, where up to 8 different groups of parts can be colored. While you find the color theme you want, you can also configure the printer you are building, download that configuration and afterwards go to the download center and fetch the STL bundle (ZIP) that corresponds to the configuration chosen.

My Color Configurator currently support all Voron Printers with the default config, as well as a 8 accent config. Voron V2.4 also has 7 accent version.
All colors used are based on eSUN ABS(+) and Keene Village Plastics (ABS), where each and every color is labeled with the color name they represent.

OBS. I am not working for or is affiliated with the Voron Design Team, but is working on an individual project of my own free will.
All credit for the CAD and STL files goes to the Voron Team.

In the future, I will potentially add more printers from other brands.

I am open for feedback, so contact me by mail or here on the forum, if you have any problems, can provide additional information or informational fixes, grammar fixes or have suggestions for the website. Your suggestion will be added to the roadmap if it has enough interest.

An example is shown below:


Then download configuration:

And download the STL bundle (ZIP) from download center:

Happy designing 🙂 

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Cool thanks! 🙂  I really appreciate that 👍
Still need a little work here and there (and a few fixes), but now I felt it was done enough to publish it.
Will be updating the site frequently, either when stl files has been updated on Voron's Github, or I fix or add something(new).

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Hi rjorgenson, I will be adding a lot more colors (from different brands) when I get my new color selection bar up and running.
The current one is not really made in mind for being compatible with many colors at once, so it need to be changed before adding more colors 😉


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Excellent tool. Was struggling to choose the colors for the upcoming 2.4 350mm build. This tool provided a visual that ensured the color combinations actually matched and is visually pleasing to the eye.

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Hi mvdveer,
Thanks for trying out my tool and it makes me happy to hear that it helped you to find a color scheme that you liked. 😄
If you like, feel free to share your color scheme at the gallery:

Also if you find someone having problems with finding or figuring out the right color theme, feel free to share the website. 😀

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