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Klipperscreen Themes?


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Yea, im really diggin that pattern.  I'm going to try and create a 3d CAD model of it so i can manipulate it to various angles, zoom levels and color combos, and render images with Keyshot 11.

It may not work out very well though, CAD hates repeating patterns.  To do patterns like that in 3d solid modeling might require more computer horsepower than I have available.

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Here are some high resolution .png transparency overlays.  I created a solid model in CAD, then rendered the transparency images with Keyshot 11.   


You can use a paint program, or an online overlay program like this one:

Overlay images online (no upload) - Free tool (imageonline.co)


To import whatever background .png image you want, then overlay the .png tranparency over it to creat whatever background you prefer.


Here are some quick examples:











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16 minutes ago, Buurman said:


very cool, the ones in the download have like a floor effect on the bottom? 

Could you make them without? less is more I think on these background, but I really like m!

I believe that is added by the image program you opened it with.  It should, actually have no background whatsoever if you add it over another image.

Here is one I added with the online program listed above.  It's a version with only the logo:


Ill add the logo only .png overlays to my uploads, in several colors.  I also added the Stealthburner .png backgrounds like the one below to my Voron Klipperscreen Themes download. They should already be sized appropriately for Klippersdcreen.




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13 minutes ago, ken226 said:

I believe that is added by the image program you opened it with

Duh.... yes, you are very right, never noticed that, since I never used that program..... but yes, it was me 😉 

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Mainsail is even easier to theme. After installing the theme from KIAUH, pretty much everything can be done directly from the web interface.  




Edit to add:  I uploaded several appropriately sized main, sidebar and logo images to the downloads section.  In case anyone wants to install the Mainsail Voron theme, but doesn't want to deal with photo editing.



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