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Why isn't my probe working on the Octopus?



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The SENSOR port on the Octopus has an optocoupler that prevents it from working with the normal BAT85 diode configuration specified in the Voron wiring documentation. To work around this you have  a couple options: you can use DIAG7 with the bat85 or use the SENSOR port without the bat85.

Most probes recommended for the Voron can't pull the voltage of the optocoupler high enough by themselves, so you would need to add a 4.7k pull up resistor between signal and 24V to aid with that.  The omron probes all need the pull-up resistor. the zhongde probes seem 50-50. Some need it and some don't. 

If you use the sensor port you should configure the pin as ~!PB7 to work with the optocoupler. 

Thank you - Tetsunosuke


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3 hours ago, michaelmacintyre said:

Is it not a sign of madness asking your question then answering your own question?

he he 

Madness or genius, you choose. 

Specifically these are questions that I have seen other search, or have searched for myself. To make it easier for future users I "Archive" my questions to be able to give visibility to issues/questions, but to quickly be able to search for them is the reason I put it in the question and answer format.

Thanks for asking, still waiting for you to answer your own Q/A, so you can join the club. 😃

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