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Voron Stealthburner + Clockwork 2 Weight

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I saw a post by Trung Betta on facebook with excellent information on the weight of hist printed and completed stealthburner.

The entire assembly with clockwork 2, all wires, screws, and LED's comes in at 433 grams.


Have you seen other weighted completed units to compare please let me know!

trungbetta-stealthburner finished weight 9.jpeg

trungbetta-stealthburner finished weight 8.jpeg

trungbetta-stealthburner finished weight 7.jpeg

trungbetta-stealthburner finished weight 6.jpeg

trungbetta-stealthburner finished weight 5.jpeg

trungbetta-stealthburner finished weight 4.jpeg

trungbetta-stealthburner finished weight 3.jpeg

trungbetta-stealthburner finished weight 2.jpeg

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Now that I've built this I can provide more info. Yes, only one chain guide is needed. I'm not sure why that plate has two of each. Just pick the one with the mount holes that match your drag chain. The guidler parts are both necessary, they attach to each other. I am pretty sure it's so the parts can be printed without supports. This part holds the idler hobbed gear and clamps the filament.


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1 minute ago, claudermilk said:

Gear ratio is 50:10 for the pancake motor. Rotation distance start with the value in the default config and tune from there. I ended up not having to change it.

This is what I have in my printer.cfg

rotation_distance: 13
gear_ratio: 50:17

I do have the LDO Nema 14 20mm pancake motor

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Here's the relevant section from my [extruder] definition:

##  Update value below when you perform extruder calibration
##  If you ask for 100mm of filament, but in reality it is 98mm:
##  rotation_distance = <previous_rotation_distance> * <actual_extrude_distance> / 100
##  22.6789511 is a good starting point
rotation_distance: 22.905740611   #Bondtech 5mm Drive Gears
gear_ratio: 50:10                 #Stealthburner spec motor gear ratio
microsteps: 16 #32
full_steps_per_rotation: 200      #200 for 1.8 degree, 400 for 0.9 degree

I believe your gear_ratio is wrong, the 50:17 is for the CW1 NEMA17 motor. I have the Trianglelabs LDO 36STH20-1004AHG with the pre-installed 10 tooth pinion gear.

Oh, and I'm running 0.45 run_current. With that setting plus dropping to 16 microsteps, it now has enough torque that it snapped the filament on a PLA print when the spool snagged.

I'm not running the latest beta parts released this week, but the revision before that where wile.e introduced the spacer screw under the guidler and I'm running fairly light tension. About 3-4 turns of the threads.

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Another question on the CW2 extruder.... I have been printing with it pretty steadily the past week.    I checked the temp on the stepper compared to my other steppers and its running at about 44-46c  - curious to know if that is standard or what I read the max operating temp is 120c  but I am not sure if that means the stepper itself or the over all ambient temp.

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