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Hart K Two Piece PCB and Phateus Rapido Hot End Wiring Question

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Hello Everyone:

I am slowing getting my Voron 2.4r build done and I have entered the wiring phase of the build.  I have a Phateus Rapido hot end installed, which according to someone, somewhere, stated that it draws slightly more than 100 watts during startup.  I could limit that current draw in the config, but I would prefer not to.  I bring this up because the Hartk PCB is rated at 50 watts.

In light of this I am running two seperate 20 gauge wires for the hot end which will bypass the PCB's.  These two wires will be utilizing the bed output on my Octopus v1.1 board. 

The question is this... I need 24 volts to the two piece tool head.  Where should I get that power from?  Would it be from the Octopus or would it be from the 24v power supply.  I am assuming it should come from the Octopus, and if so, what output on the Octopus?  I would also assume that that 24v should go to the HEO V+ and HEO V- on the Hartk because that is essentially the 24v supply for the head?  Yes, when it comes to electronics, I am a noob but learning heaps and enjoying every minute of it.  🙂

Thank you!


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On 4/8/2023 at 7:29 PM, StackingDeezLayers said:

Any update? How did you wire your rapido?

I am so sorry I did not respond earlier. 

I wired my Rapido to the bed output of the Octopus and just changed the pin mapping in the config file.  I should point out that it is a direct wire i.e. the wires from the bed output on the Octopus run directly to the Rapido hot end via the cable chains. 

I am unsure how this would work with a CanBus toolhead.  As I mentioned above, the Hartk boards are only rated for 50 watts. 

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