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Nylon with Fiberglass


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Since I have only seen nylon with glass fibers in black or natural from all the filament suppliers, I was pleasantly surprised that one of my suppliers now has nylon GF in various colors. I ordered samples in orange, red and gray. I printed with the same settings as Nylon Carbon. I'm really excited, it prints well and has the same pleasant surface as nylon carbon, the color comes out beautifully, looks a bit matt, not shiny. I think it's a great thing if you need stable parts but don't like black.


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Nylon is actually just Dupont's trade name for polyamide. In the 3D area, it is usually the PA12 variant. Carbon fibers and glass fibers are incorporated into the plastic as reinforcement to strengthen it, the plastic (nylon) is always the same. The reason fibers are incorporated is to increase strength and reduce shrinkage and warping. Carbon fiber is slightly stronger than glass fiber but with the disadvantage that it is black. Glass fibers are colorless and the filament can therefore be colored. The difference in strength between Fiber Glass and Carbon fiber is minimal, I think negligible for 3D printed parts.

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