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First Voron Build


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Hey everyone, I'm Joseph, 37 and live in Oklahoma, USA right now. I'm not new to 3d printing, but new to Voron and will be building a V0.1 as my first in this ecosystem (whenever those LDO kits ship šŸ˜’) I currently have quite a few mainstreamĀ  printers including 2x Ender 5s, Ender 3 Pro, CR-6SE, Ender 6, Biqu BX, Sapphire Plus, & Prusa MINI - all of which are modded in some way. It's kind of my hobby to build/rebuild printers to increase their capabilities. Building a V0.1 fits into the mix perfectly. I've printed all the parts in anticipation for when the kit finally does arrive and have been planning the mods to do from the start so I don't have to tear into the machine too much later.Ā 

I'm so anxious to get started and hope share the experience with the community!

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While I am sure your new favorite will be the v0.1 - what is your current favortie #d Printer that you use? I find it super handy to understand what printers do right, and your experience with so Many printers will be a huge benefit.

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the community. I look forward to hearing more about your build process.

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