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Help Activating Beeper On My 2.4

Phil D


Hello all, I would like to activate a beeper feature to notify me of a filament change on my 2.4 350mm.  I have Octopus V1.1, PITFT50 touchscreen, Fluidd.  From what I think I have learned from various searches, neither the V1.1 and the PITFT50 have built in beepers.  Can anyone advise how I may be able to do this with my current hardware config?  And what changes to the printer.cfg may be required.  I greatly appreciate any and all help.



Phil D.

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Ok, thought I'd put my money where my mouth was and dug out a buzzer.

I'm just using a continuous tone DC buzzer (i.e. no PWM so no fancy tones). It's rated for 3 - 24V and I have hooked it up to the FAN3 port on my BTT SKR Pico board - as that's what I'm currently working on:



Since the BTT SKR Pico board does not have voltage selectable FAN ports (they just run at full PSU supply power) I used a 220Ohm resistor inline on the positive wire just to reduce the voltage going into the beeper (it'll only take it down to 18V or so,but I wasn't bothered as it's only a POC) - that's why there's a bump in the heat-shrink.

I hacked the M300 macro from the Klipper samples, I'm not bothered with PWM so kept it to the basic: turn the beeper on, pause a bit, then turn the beeper off. For interest the  beeper maco is attached, all I added was an "[include beeper.cfg]" line to my main printer.cfg file.




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You're not wrong on your lack of beepers on the Octopus 1.1 board (and even the Pro board which I think does have a beeper, it's only for board diagnostics) or the Screen.

I have not tried this (so try this at your own risk 🤪) , but I'm going from other projects I've done  where I've connected up beepers to Arduinos and the like.

If you have a look in the sample config files in klipper. Look on your PI at the ~/klipper/config/sample-macros.cfg file (you'll need to copy the appropriate macros to your main config setup). In that file is a M300 (beep) macro defined. You will need to modify it to use an appropriate PIN on the MCU (octopus). Naturally you will need to connect a  buzzer to a spare pin on the Octopus (it does have lots). A simple buzzer like this DC buzzer (basically all it needs is electricity and it'll make a noise, a piezo beeper needs a PWM signal). As with all things, watch the rated voltage and watch out for polarity. That buzzer (i've listed, picked at random as an example rather than a recommendation) operates from 3 - 24V but claims to be rated for 12v, so I imagine it will work best at 12v. Therefore you could connect it to one of the many FAN pins and select the jumpers to set that particular FAN pin to being a 12V supply. You could then plumb your selected FAN pin into the M300 macro (and since this is a straight DC beeper, set PWM to false).

For example, if you connect your DC buzzer to FAN5 on the Octopus then the entry in the macro would be:

[output_pin BEEPER_pin]
pin: PD15
#   Beeper pin. This parameter must be provided.
#   PF15 is FAN5 on Octopus.
pwm: False

You could try setting the voltage pin (J63) to the 12v option or whatever you wish for the buzzer.

It's just going to go "BEEP" (assuming it work's 😉 ) if you want "tunes" then you need to use a piezo buzzer and PWM (again the FAN port would work as they are controllable via PWM). I imagine if you're faintly musical the ghastly sound coming from the buzzer will make your ears bleed/soul cry.

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