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Official Voron Releases

This Category is for Official Voron Releases. TeamFDM recommends you download directly from GitHub for the official and most up to date versions, however these files are being added to let less technical users download and to keep long term historical version for easy downloading.

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  1. Voron 0.2

    The official release of the Voron Zero 3D printer. You can find the BOM in the configurator located at the Voron Design website.
    The current revision is V0.2
    Printed Parts Guide
    Compact and portable 120x120x120 build volume CoreXY Low mass direct drive extruder Enclosed chamber 24v DC bed Klipper firmware Release History
    V0.2 (2023 January)
    A majority of the printed parts have changed. The configurator will give you an idea of parts needed if you are upgrading from V0.1.
    New design: Mini Stealth Burner Direct Drive Extruder with BMG gears and 20mm thick pancake motor with 10 tooth spur gear Improved part cooling ducts (fans are same as V0.1) Supports Revo VORON, Dragon, Dragonfly BMO, DropEffect XG, Creality Spider Pro Drive units
    Motor screw count reduction Endstop removed for sensorless homing Frame
    No changes Tophat
    All panels have changed All side panels are identical Extrusion based Tophat Hinged design Cam locks to secure tophat in place Panels/Clips
    All Panels are 3mm Deck panel changed, new panel is not required Split rear panel X/Y Joints
    Tops became 1mm smaller to accommodate MiniSB Endstop block removed for sensorless homing Bed Assembly
    Printed parts changed, bed position moved 3mm to the rear Feet/Skirts
    Trident skirt community mod folded into offical release Front Idlers
    Cam Locks added V0.1 Inital release (2021 April)
    See https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-0/releases/tag/V0.1
    V0.0 Updates and fixes (2020 Sept)
    See https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-0/releases/tag/V0.0r1
    V0.0 Initial release (2020 April)
    See https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-0/releases/tag/V0.0


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