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Quick and simple image manipulation for posting online


Introduction to FastStone Image Viewer, a classic freeware for all your basic digital picture needs

Here is a little app that has existed since the Romans that replaces the windows image app and lets you do all kinds of manipulations. You can:

Crop, Edit, Resize

batch rename, convert

draw on pics, adjust image settings

It's free and add free; it's a must:



how to resize pictures for forum posting:

From inside FastStone Image Viewer,

-Double click the pic you want to edit to enter full screen mode

-Put the cursor on the left edge of the screen to pop up the edit menu

-Choose "Resize/Resample"

-Sset desired resolution (1920 is good) click ok and save picture.


Tip: to make FastStone your default Image App, set defaults in Windows: Right click on a .JPG and "choose app", "select another app", find faststone and check "always use this app" (wording may vary)  😅

Tutorial Videos

Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial

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