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Posting a new Voron UserMod is a simple process, this tutorial will outline your options, and how to get your file hosted and shared with the community.

Why Post User Mods on Team FDM?

The UserMods listed on TeamFDM.com are a collection of user submitted modifications to upgrade and increase the performance or ease of use of your DIY Voron printer. The goal in hosting these files is to increase the simplicity of finding and downloading user mod files for user who do not wish to use GitHub, the home of the official Voron UserMods repository.

Additionally some of the unknown benefits for UserMod authors include:

  1. Web Based drag and drop uploads and updates.
  2. The ability for user to review and rate your mod.
  3. User can "like" or "thank" for the mod - quick way to show some love with click candy!
  4. Insights on how many people have viewed and downloaded your mod.
  5. The ability to have user request support for your mod.
  6. Commenting on the mod posting for feedback and community improvement opportunities.
  7. Automatic file versioning and Change log, ie: uploading a new file retains the previous version.
  8. Easy sharing on social media and Discord with image embed.
  9. Questions for mods.
  10. Tutorials for mods.
  11. Automated ZIP downloads for registered users of the TeamFDM community.
  12. No Requirements for GitHub.

All of that being said, why wait - upload or claim your UserMod today!

Below are the two ways to list or add your Voron UserMod to TeamFDM

Option A: Official Voron User Repo

The absolute best way to get the most exposure for your mod is to submit a Pull Request to the official Voron UserMods repo and wait for it to be accepted and merged. Once that happens TeamFDM will automatically pull the new file, or file update and list it under UserMods on TeamFDM.com.

The official documentation on how to do a PR is located here: https://bit.ly/voronpullrequests

If you are a mod author, and are registered as a TeamFDM community member, please PM Demosth requesting authorship and you will be granted "Author Rights" which will give the ability to update or modify the automatic listing or posts with new versions.


Option B: Upload Directly On TeamFDM.com

If the idea of dealing with git or pull requests is daunting and you want to get straight to posting your mod to TeamFDM get started by following the overly detailed instructions below.

  1. Prepare your upload but getting all the files ready and renamed to something that makes sense for you and potential downloaders. Don't forget to give great screenshots or even better photos of your finished and installed mod.
  2. Navigate to the UserMods Section of the website and click the red "Submit a File" button.
  3. Choose the type of file you are uploading, in most cases this will be "Voron User Mods"
  4. Click and drag or select the usermod file you wish to be uploaded. This will be that actual user-mod file. Please feel free to include the cad file to let other modify or remix your mod submissions.
  5. Once you have successfully upload your mod, the screenshot section will appear, upload screenshot in the same way. Only image file types are accepted. You will also have the ability to select the primary image to be shown for the file listing.
  6. After the images have been upload the remainder of the content options will be available to finishing the posting. See Below for the Specific of each field:
    1. About This File: Use this to describe and talk about your mod. It is a full feature WYSIWYG editor and you can upload images, create links and others "advertise" or market your mod. This is typically contents of a README.MD file if imported for a GitHubRepo.
    2. File Name: This is the title of the mod
    3. "Add Tags": this is incredibly important and powerful - it helps sort and categorize your mod.
      1. Authors that have mod imported automatically from the Official Voron UserMods will have the GitHub username identified as a tag.
      2. The current tags used for sorting include:
      3. Lastly, there are many tags being used in the system for popular mods or features, existing tags will show as you start typing. try terms like "ab-bn", "klicky", or "stealthburner"
    4. GitHub Repo: If your Mod has a GitHub Repo include the full link here with the https://. This links back to the original source of the file and ensures compliance with files imported from the VoronUsers Repository. Additionally users who do not wish to register on TeamFDM.com will have an alternative link to download the mod files.
    5. License (GPLv3, etc...): Link or define your license unless otherwise specified follow the Voron communities GPL3.0 Licensing 
    6. Version number: If you do not have a specific versioning number for you file, i suggest you use the file creation/publish date in the following format MM.DD.YYYY - ie: 12.25.2021
  7. Click the red "Save & Submit Files"

All done!

Updating Files with New Versions

Mod Authors have an additional set of features available on their authored mod pages - this is why it is important to claim your mod if you are an author. Located underneath the images for the mod there is a dropdown button for "File Actions"
There are two important options available to mod authors.

  1. Upload a New Version: This allows you to upload a new version of the mod files, or the screenshots.
  2. Edit Details: This allows you to update anything else regarding the file, including the "About this file, Github repo, etc"

Last but not least, as an author you will be automatically notified if anyone ask questions, or otherwise interacts with the file.

Hopefully this tutorial is all you need to get started posting files at team FDM and encourages you to further participate in the community! If you have any further questions do not hesitate to comment on this tutorial and I will continue to update it with the latest information!

Tutorial Videos

Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial


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