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Howdy Ya'll- N8 from Florida here


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😎 Thank you to the wonderful folks keeping this community alive.
       well i am new to the Voron World but am not new to 3d printing. i have been printing around 3 years now. i currently own a custom woodworking business and a small but busy and successful printing business. my story starts quite simple, i had ordered some dust collection accessories for a couple of my saws and realized that they were 3d printed. so i did some research one day and decided that i wanted to give it a try and start printing my own vacuum fittings for my tools. well lets just say it was quite the struggle at first but i eventually got the hang of it and began buying more and more printer stuff. so after making myself some items i decided to start playing with a CAD program and ended up designing a few dust collection items of my own and they were a hit, i was actually making money with my printers. then one day i get a message from a very popular company in the woodworking industry that goes by the name of SHARK GUARD, asking me if i could print the models that they use for their table saw blade guard dust collection stuff. so of course i said yes. to this day i still print for them and do not plan on going anywhere. i started with bed slingers then eventually got into the core x y scene but never thought of a Voron. so that day finally came and here i am today, bought two vorons in the same week. i am just about to complete a trident kit and then will move onto the v0.1. looking forward to the benefits of being involved with this group. HAPPY PRINTING

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8 minutes ago, N8dogg639 said:

i would love to. do you mind showing me an example of one? please

Here is where they live. Have a look at @Buurman current diary - very detailed. This will give you some idea: https://www.teamfdm.com/forums/forum/27-build-diaries/

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Welcome aboard! I,too loved, the story When you mentioned "SharkGuard" my immediate thought was "Oh no! They're  going to issue you with a cease and desist notice" 😱. Glad I was wrong  and that it's working out so well.

I'm always fascinated to see and hear the practical uses that people are putting their printers to. It helps dispel the (not entirely undeserved) view that this 3d printing lark just turns out plastic tat and nik-naks.

I look forward to seeing some build diaries, they're a great way to interact with the community and also, we just love seeing Voron's being built (that's perfectly normal around here 😉 )

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