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hi new here on the forum but not new to 3d printing


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hi everybody i am sander from holland

i am new here on the forum but not new to 3d printing (as the title suggested)

i run a small scale 3d-printshop and a small scale 3d printer repairshop 

also i give lessons to beginners to 3d printing (most of wich are unable to read english or to laisy to look stuff up)

the printers i have / use / run are voron's 

i have 2 v2.4r2 1 310x310 and 1 235x235 , and one is being build right now

1 trident 235x235 and 2 still have to get build 

1 legacy 120x120

and there will be more but first i have these 3 builds to finish and then i think i will build the tridex 

hope to learn somethings here as well other's ! 

see ya  


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Welcome to the forum. You are in good company here. Seems we can learn a lot from your experience. Looking forward to gaining some knowledge from you. Would be great if you could share a build diary with the group. Great to follow but also a handy way of picking up tips and techniques.

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Welcome aboard, we have a few of your fellow countrymen here! That is a very fine collection of Voron you have there and no doubt a lot of excellent experience to share with the members of the forum. I, too, look forward to any build diaries for that you care to run, they are a great way to interact with the community 😃

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