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Color Change - M600 pls. help


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hmm as I often change Colors to have better readable texts on eg keychains or labels i'm currently limited to use my Prusa, where this feature is greatly included.

On my Trident I'm a bit lost to get this working like on the Prusa... especially the popups and input on klipperscreen


I would like to have it Pausing -> go to a save Area -> menu guided (popups on tft??) filament change -> Resume Print


The Problem is the interactive Menu guided Filament change like with the Prusa:

On the specified layer for change colour in slicer it pauses, goes to a save Area and then the ease of change starts:

  • Message "unload Filament"->Button OK -> action unload
  • Message "Filament unloaded?" ->button no/yes-: no->recicle action unload and ask again    /    yes: continue next line
  • Message "load Filament!"->Button OK -> action load
  • Message "Colour ok?" -> Button no/yes:  no-> recicle action load and ask again   /   yes: continuing print

Does anyone have an Idea how this could be realised, seems i'm a dumb nut on this🙈

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I got filament change working on my formbot trident 250 afterburner.

I'm using https://github.com/jschuh/klipper-macros , specifically https://github.com/qmerge/klipper-macros and, importantly my printer.cfg from https://github.com/qmerge/voron_trident_configs

Most difficult was identifying settings missing (or extra) from printer.cfg. 

Some of the physics change with a voron, as in you don't really need retract or load with the filament latch.

I have the head move to front & center, and retract the filament.  I then load new filament and, on the "Neopixel mini12864 display" select "filament" -> Resume.


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