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Hello from Washington State


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Finished a Formbot kit for a Voron 2.4r2 350mm recently. Basic tuning and configuration done, and printing nicely. Need to go back and re-print some of the hinges and things (structural parts were purchased and look and work perfectly) in ABS now that I have it working, but very happy with where it is at the moment. Using it at work for our IT department, printing phone stands, organizers, and replacement plastic parts mostly. Previous experience was primarily with our Prusa Mk2.5S that has been an absolute workhorse. Think this one will expand our capabilities nicely.


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Hi Aaron, A big welcome to the forum - good looking machine. I am sure the friendly folk here would like to know a little bit more about yourself. If you feel so inclined, please tell us a bit more about yourself in a new post in introductions. I have moved this post over to build diaries for others to appreciate..

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5 hours ago, mvdveer said:

I have moved this post over to build diaries for others to appreciate.

And we do all love a good build! Welcome  Aaron, look forward to hearing a bit more. It'll be fascinating to know more about what you're using it for. I think good practical examples of 3D printer usage are always really helpful- there's only so many Julius Caesar pencil holders the world needs (e.g. none?)

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