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Portable Input Shaper confusing results


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Absolutely normal results, Y is a totally different movement than X.... X only has to move the weight of the duct, where Y has to move (the weight) of Duct and X gantry.

I had a result on my V0 that I dont even want to share, X normal, Y, three peaks, but it doenst matter, input the data and it will do wonders.

You can rerun it a few times, but if its the same, its the same, its good!

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@Wick sure some go this way, thats why they exist. I woudnt go carbon but lightweight aluminium, I think I seen some really nice new ones on Ali.

But... its only worth it to go this way if you are searching for max speed prints, I dont know what you have in mind??

I mean, there is a lot of stuff coming at you as you go down this road... everything to save a gram of weight...

Titanium bolts, Carbon prints with less infill (same stiffness, less material), another duct than Stealthburner, since its not very light, uuuhm, what else..

lightweight X gantry - aluminium..

On top of this, the V2.4 350 isnt a speed macine I think, the bigger the printer, the harder it is to get max speed.

Thats why records are set on a V0.1 ... since its so small, but speed potential is crazy.

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@Glengus I'm loving it, its absolutely easy 2 use, screws and distances for mount on Afterburner and Stealthburner are included, configuration  and instructions are available here: https://github.com/FYSETC/FYSETC-PortableInputShaper, I also have the Kusba from Lab4450, but I personally prefer the portable input shaper because of easier mounting for measurement

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