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Voron Trident Announcement & Release

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During the Voron: LIVE! Stream on August 15, 2021. Steve, Eddie, Dunar, and "RussianCatFood" joined the live stream and discussed several things!

You can view all the Voron Trident files and Manuals over at the official GitHub Page. https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-Trident 

RCF pointed out that over 3000 Voron's that "FXL1317," aka Discord user FranCav1317, was the 3000th serial. Cable Management matters and is required for a proper "Voron" Serial.

Steve - 

  • more room above afterburner
  • 3 point gantry leveling
  • Easy Upgrade Path, upgrade from 1.8 to Voron Trident.
  • Stay as close to "Cost Neutral" Upgrades.

To avoid confusion, we will start using "Proper names," So without further wait, here is Voron Trident!.

Welcome Voron Trident, the evolution of the Voron 1 platform. While nearly every component has changed, Voron Trident retained an easy upgrade path for current Voron 1.8 owners.

Frame Changes

  • 14 new wrench access holes
  • Two new extrusions
  • CAD has t-nuts modeled into the frame


  • AB Stepper Mounts
  • Revised geometry to help prevent improper belt routing.
  • Includes a new wiring path with a cover that does not capture the gantry wiring harness.
  • Optional A stepper mounted Y end-stop switch.
  • XY Axis
    • The Voron Trident adopted the Voron 2.4 XY Axis layout with bottom-mounted linear rails. Including the ability to utilize the V2.4 style and stop pod (microswitch or hall effect)
    • We integrated the community-developed MGN12 X-axis setup.
    • Updated cable chain routing to match the V2.4 setup
  • Z-Axis - Completely new three stepper configuration, also known as 3C
    • Voron Trident now utilizes MGN9H linear rails instead of linear rods.
    • Utilizes GE5C spherical bearings at each joint
    • Integrated Cable chain wire management
    • Uses the V2.4 Z end-stop switch assembly
    • Retains compatibility with the V1.8 build plate, BUT the bed is rotated 180 Degrees.
    • Increased max Z travel to 250mm

Skirts and Electronics Compartment:

  • Reconfigured all electronics to located below the deck.
  • Shares dimensions and screen and side fan compatibility with Voron 2.4
  • New power supply and electronic mounts
  • New front Mini12864 display mount.
  • All New DIN connectors, easy to print, solid connectors.
  • New recommended feet but retains compatibility with the compressor feet.

Panels and Exhaust:

  • The Voron Trident has a slightly modified exhaust housing utilizing two screws to hold the filter cover better.
  • The Voron Trident has updated panel clips to support the recommended use of 3mm foam tape on the side panels and 1mm foam tape on the top and rear panels.
  • Upgrades for Voron Trident will require new panels for all but the top panel.


  • Added support for 350mm build plates
  • V1.8 frame upgrade possible with minimal modifications. See frame upgrade manual.

Question & Answers

Do I need a 5v Supply for Raspberry Pi?

  • If your mainboard doesn't support it, yes, but it is dependent on your board and configuration.

How Tall is the Z-Axis?

  •     250mm.

How much more does this cost from the V1.8?

  • As close to "Net neutral as possible - should be with $20 USD.

Will there ever be any non-printer Voron's

  • RCF - "Yes."

Will any of these upgrades be coming to the V2.4?

  • Not any time soon, but many of the improved features will make their way over in the future.
  • You can start printing and using many of the changes immediately if you are willing to experiment.

Any Chance of a belted Z on the V0?

  • V0 is tiny - it seems it will be hard to fit this into the form factor, but never say no to a great idea!

How many hours of test printing time has the Trident had?

  • Many of "The Crew" and beta testers have been printing flawlessly for weeks.

How fast does Trident Print?

  • It will go as fast as your hot end and steppers can handle. It has been tested using 48v at over 1000mm/s

Will there ever be any recommended Voron build sizes over 350mm?

  • Likely, no. A significant reason is that larger platforms will not fit through doorways. 

The main advantage of Voron Trident over V2.4?

  • Less Expensive
  • Easier Build.


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