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Howdy from Hamburg, Germany


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Moin Moin!
...is actually the salutation we use here in Hamburg. Not "Howdy", but that's how I was welcomed here in the forum.

I'm still quite new to the 3d printing scene (about one year). Building and owning a VORON is still a dream for me -- the right time will come... one day... 🤩

My first and only printer (until now 😉) is a Creality Ender 6 (at least a Core XY) and it's still keeping me busy upgrading it. It already runs on Klipper and has some other smaller mods. Now I hope to find a solution to fit a Mini Stealth Burner to it.


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Moin! Moin! or Howdy, the feeling conveys the same! I’ll extend a great big southern US welcome in as many languages as I can learn!

You are in the right place to learn tips and Voron tips and tricks. You will also come across frustrations, failures, and fantastical ideas from all avenues. Please follow along and fire away with questions, comments, and ‘learnins’ (hey, I said I was from the south, right?) as you see fit.

As for me, I’m on my third 2.4 build. This t8me it’s for my son-in-law. I’ve encouraged him to engage here and post a build diary so all can see and learn from the experience, but we will see if he is listening as time passes.



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Welcome aboard! You will certainly find plenty of help and inspiration here. It's a good community and everyone is friendly and supportive.

1 hour ago, Rixi said:

Building and owning a VORON is still a dream for me -- the right time will come... one day...

You may well find that time is sooner than you might think. These things have a habit of sneaking up on you. One moment you have no Vorons and then magically you have multiple....

To echo what @Todd says there will definitely be plenty of frustrations and failures along the way but never be put off it's all part of the fun (I'm sure you will already have had some interesting moments with your Ender 6), just reach out and there'll be someone to help


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